Laser Cutting and Fabrication

We are the only company that specializes in rotary cutting and engraving. This allows us to cut or engrave on cylindrical objects, for example wine bottles, acrylic pipes, wine glasses etc.

  • In our Laser cutting division we mostly work with Acrylics (Perspex/Plexiglas ), wood, foam, paper, cardboards, ABS sheets and many more.
  • Our laser cutters, with the latest laser technology, allow us to cut the most intricate shapes.
  • We are able to cut items as small as 1mmx1mm and everything up to 1300mmx2500mm.
  • To ensure best quality we cut up to 10mm thick on acrylic and 6mm thick out of wood.
  • Some other services include laser engraving.
  • Materials that can be engraved on includes acrylics, tiles, wood, laminates and glass to mention a few.
  • The detail obtained by laser engraving is phenomenal allowing for images to be engraved on many substrates.
  • Our smaller machines are used for engraving and cutting other intricate small items.
  • We specialize in rotary laser cutting and engraving allowing us to cut or engrave cylindrical objects.
  • Examples of this would be cutting in acrylic pipes, engraving on wine bottles or glasses and so much more.

CNC Router

  • With our computer numerical control (CNC) router we can cut aluminium ,wood and acrylics up to 20mm thick and a maximum sheet size of 1300×2500.
  • This method of cutting allows for intricate shapes to be cut out of materials.
  • Here we can create 3D cutting effects.
  • This allows us to cut on multiple levels, angles and contours.
  • This method of cutting is well suited for the signage industry for cutting letters and logos.


  • With over 14 years of experience creating displays stands for some of the biggest ” Name brand ” Companies for example Billabong, Vonzipper, Hurley, Nike, Kustom, Element, Nixon, Boardstix, Fist Gloves, Scarfini Fins and Dot Dash, there is no display too small or too big for us to build.
  • Our infrastructure allows us to create some of the most unique eye catching and practical displays.

Injection Moulding

  • Our injection moulding department allows us to create plastic moulded items made from many different materials ranging from Polyprop, ABS, Styrine and more.
  • Items can be moulded in a full range of colours.
  • Our moulds are made in-house in our tool-room using sophisticated machinery to cut and burn into metal to create the moulds.

Wedding Range

  • At My Happy Occasion our mission is to ensure that you find the perfect décor for your happy occasion.
  • We have an extensive range of décor to choose from and even a few unique items to hire.
  • We offer laser cutting and engraving services to customize your order and can cut materials including exotic bamboo, black and white Perspex and even silver or gold mirror.
  • Our design team works hard to ensure you get the exact look and feel you are looking for to add to your event.

Visit our showroom and let us help you add that perfect touch to your special day.

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